Futures Trading

Trade CFDs on Futures from around the world and explore endless trading opportunities.

Most orders filled in <14 ms

Up to 7,000 orders executed per second

Ultra-low latency datacentre co-location

How does Futures Trading work?

Futures are financial contracts for the specific asset to be bought or sold at a set time in the future. The final price level is determined by both parties, a buyer and a seller, and is known as the forward price. The specified date of the future payment is known as the expiration date.

Contract for difference (CFD) on futures allow for trade on the price fluctuations of a wide range of assets: commodities, indices and energies. If investors make a forecast about the quotes increase, they open a Buy position on the trading platform. If they think the chart will move down, they make an online order to Sell. Start trading futures to diversify your investor account!

Popular Futures

Futures are a popular investment method for many traders as it allows the speculation on the value of a range of commodities, indices and energies

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