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Interstellar FX provides customers with advanced foreign exchange trading tools, which can help customers better trade CFD products such as foreign exchange, index, futures, precious metals and energy.

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Using the Interstellar FX Margin Calculator allows you to more quickly calculate how much margin is required for the positions you want to open. You can decide whether you need to reduce the lot size or adjust the leverage you use based on these and your account balance. Just choose your trading currency pair, position size, leverage and that's it.


The account currency is USD, the transaction is EUR / USD, and the leverage is 1:500.

Transaction volume: 100000 account currency exchange rate: 1.03777

Required deposit: 100000 / 500 * 1.03777 ≈ $207.55

The required margin for foreign exchange is calculated as follows:

Required margin = trading volume / leverage * account currency exchange rate (if inconsistent with currency to base currency)


The currency of the account is US dollars, one hand (100 oz) of gold is traded, and the leverage is 1:500.

Trading volume: 100 oz market price: 1915.20

Required deposit: 100 / 500 * 1915.20 ≈ $383.04

The margin of spot precious metals is calculated as follows:

Required margin = trading volume (oz) / leverage * market price