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Interstellar FX is a stable, secure and efficient FX broker...

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Stable, efficient and safe

Interstellar FX is a stable, secure and efficient FX broker. Founded in 2011, the brand has a global presence and is subject to strict international supervision. Over the years, we have established a solid strategic cooperative relationship with leading financial institutions from all over the world. We are good at integrating top resources and combining our superb industry technology to provide our customers with abundant, stable and reliable liquidity quotation solutions. After nearly a decade of development and precipitation, it has gradually grown into a world leader in foreign exchange and contract for Difference trading.

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Why did you choose Interstellar FX?


Interstellar FX discloses all product market data, without any hidden terms, without any trading restrictions, focusing on using advanced technology to create a pure and transparent trading environment for customers without re-quote and manual intervention.


Interstellar FX is committed to providing more than 100 financial derivatives including foreign exchange, indices, metals, energy, stocks, etc. to investors around the world. With a large multilingual customer service team, we provide customers with excellent help and support 24*7.​

Financial Stability

Interstellar FX is strictly regulated by many countries and has an STP pass-through license. It operates in accordance with the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive EU (MiFID II) and has reliable qualifications. And Interstellar FX customers enjoy I.C.F (ie Investor Compensation Fund) and the security of funds is guaranteed


Interstellar FX has been optimizing account deposit and withdrawal services over the years to make it convenient, fast and secure. Withdrawals arrive in the account within two hours at the earliest, and are widely praised by customers. And to ensure the highest standard execution speed for customers, servers are distributed in more than 40 sites around the world, mainstream product spreads are very competitive, ECN spreads are as low as 0, and standard accounts have an average spread of 1.

What can you trade here?


The global forex market is one of the fastest, most liquid and most exciting, trading 24 hours a day, 5 days a week...

Precious metals

Gold and other precious metals, crude oil, copper, gasoline and other commodities play an important role in commodity markets. All are contract traded commodities. Precious metals...


Energy prices are most typically characterized by high volatility as a result of political and environmental influences. Many supply and demand factors also influence energy prices...


An index is a portfolio of stocks. These stocks are grouped according to specific industries or specific markets: for example, the GDAX(or Dax 30) is made up of...